TNA Impact Is Imploding - How Bad Is Bad?

Befunky Impact Wrestling After watching Impact wrestling last night I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed as a wrestling fan, by the product and by admitting I even watched it. TNA is crumbling before our eyes. The best possible thing Dixie could do is NOT resign Hulk Hogan but unfortunately she doesn't know how to make good business decisions, so she will. Her "heel" turn is painful to watch. Dixie may own TNA but she sure as hell shouldn't be the face of it. Not only was her promo horrible, it wasn't even believable. Thank God after that we were treated to a great match by Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy. It's matches like theirs that keep me watching. BUT... Then we're forced to sit through Bromance in the ring fighting with ODB and Eric Young? Why?! How is that segment even making it to TV?! Aces and Eights is a laughing stock. Always has been, always will be. Magnus vs Sting at Bound for Glory is falling on deaf ears. Nobody cares about the good guys fighting each other. That's just wrestling 101. What does TNA having going for it? The Extraordinary Gentlemen's Organization. Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kaz. Although I could do without Kaz, Daniels and Roode are the real deal. I've said time and time again, Bobby Roode is a SUPERSTAR. The E.G.O. vignette they played last night was hilarious and cleverly done. Roode continues to shine. Booking Angle vs Roode at TNA's biggest PPV of the year Bound for Glory is smart. What isn't smart is only giving them 10 days to build up something that should've been built up over the last 2 months. Yes, I understand Angle's recent personal demons but I'm talking strictly business. Does anyone even remember that Bully Ray is the champion? Ugh, this is sad for Bully who's really transformed himself into a star. Is anyone willing to pay to see Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles at BFG? I'm thinking no. If AJ's smart, it'll be his last match in TNA. The WWE doesn't need him but he needs the WWE. TNA's a ship that's sinking, and sinking fast. Believe me, I'm one of the biggest marks of them all. I wish TNA was GREAT. I would love for them to be the new WCW but unfortunately that's just not going to happen. TNA's success is our success as wrestling fans and right now, they have none. Where's good ol' JR when you need him? If anyone could help TNA, it's him. Until then, TNA is getting worse by the day. You can feel the bomb about to go off as they continue to implode. 10.. 9.. 8.. 7..
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