TNA Moving Impact To Wednesdays

TNA's flagship show is changing nights.

With uncertainty surrounding the TNA brand as a whole the company has made a bold decision to move Impact to Wednesday nights. In a press release Dixie Carter said ""Moving IMPACT WRESTLING to Wednesday nights gives existing fans and new viewers an opportunity to enjoy both wrestling and live sports even more throughout the week." The decision was made due to the competition from the NFL on Thursday nights in the fall in addition to news that WWE Smackdown would be moving to Thursdays. TNA Impact has aired on Thursdays on and off during it's ten year run. The show was given a prime time slot in April of 2006 before moving to Monday nights in January 2010. Just months later the show was switched back to Thursdays. The move will start next week with the August 20 episode of Impact. As of now the company has no television deal beyond September. It was reported recently that Spike TV president Kevin Kay was present at last week's TV tapings which could be seen as a positive for the company. Spike TV attempted to purchase 10 percent of TNA wrestling but were rejected by the Carters. The deal would have kept Impact on the air for the foreseeable future, but financial terms of the offer haven't been revealed.
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