TNA To Tape UK PPV Events During 2014 UK Tour

555503 603772732998485 1300680127 N TNA has been the hot topic for a few weeks now with the rumour mill working on overdrive. During this period, everything was addressed from Hogan coming back to TNA after leaving a week earlier, TNA being bought and then more wild speculation after a disappointing live attention at TNA's Bound For Glory show. However, there is now a reason to be excited and one that may allow TNA to turn a corner. TNA will tape two PPV in the UK! Earlier tonight, TNA President Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) posted via Twitter:
"Delighted to announce TNA will hold our 1st international PPVs on our UK Tour - ALL 4 UK events recorded for TV! " has posted a breakdown of these shows. The first PPV will be TNA One Night Only: British Empire Cup will take place at the Manchester Phones 4u Arena on Friday January 31st. TNA's British Empire Cup will see eight wrestlers battle it out in a one-night tournament. Seven TNA wrestlers will be joined by an eighth, the winner of a gauntlet battle royal featuring British and international stars. The resulting British Empire Cup will then be defended each year on TNA's UK Tours. The Knockouts will also compete for their own trophy. This will then be followed by PPV TNA One Night Only: Joker's Wild 2 coming to the Birmingham NIA on Sunday February 2nd. Joker's Wild 2 will see a round of unique tag team matches, where random teams will be assembled and forced work together. The victorious pairings then advance to a winner-takes-all gauntlet battle royal, where it's every man for himself with a prize of £100,000 on the line to the last man standing. 600onenightonly 588x270 This is a great move for TNA, as the UK and Ireland are TNA's biggest market. The shows will be a huge draw and will highlight what TNA does best, provide a solid in ring product. History shows that TNA can be up there with the WWE when they stick to the basics of wrestling. Even best them when it comes to a straight wrestling based event. Tickets are on sale now. Are you excited by this move? Let me know in the comments below.
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