Tommaso Ciampa Is The New WWE NXT Champion

Goldie returns home on the inaugural NXT 2.0 broadcast.

Tommaso Ciampa NXT Champion

With Samoa Joe having vacated the NXT Championship, last night saw Tommaso Ciampa emerge victorious in a four-way bout to crown a new NXT Champion.

In a match that was originally meant to be Ciampa vs. Pete Dunne vs. LA Knight vs. Kyle O'Reilly, Kyle was ultimately replaced by Von Wagner, aka the former Cal Bloom. O'Reilly was laid out earlier in the evening by Dunne and Ridge Holland, meaning he was unable to compete for the NXT brand's biggest prize.

As for Wagner, William Regal announced him as KOR's replacement due to him making the save when Kyle was being attacked.


While Von Wagner made the most of this opportunity and impressed, the spotlight of this NXT Title bout eventually settled on Tommaso Ciampa. To get the W, Ciampa hit his patented Fairy Tale Ending on LA Knight, kickstarting the Psycho Killer's second reign as NXT Champion.

Ciampa has long been a favourite of the NXT fan base, and it'll be fun to see who steps up next to challenge for Goldie. Interestingly, one person who later in the night had a respectful confrontation with the new NXT Champion was Bron Breakker - the real-life Bronson (Rech)Steiner - who had defeated LA Knight earlier in the evening.

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