Tommy Dreamer Reveals Secret WWE HQ Entrance Nobody Knows About

WWE HQ sounds more and more like a super villain's lair every day...

Tommy Dreamer roof

Were you aware that WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut has a super-secret third entrance that you aren't supposed to know about?

Former WWE wrestler Tommy Dreamer, who worked at Titan Towers for a while, certainly does. He tweeted the following on Sunday night:-


This came during the Money in the Bank 2020 pay-per-view. The show closed with the titular men's and women's matches, which ran simultaneously and were filmed at WWE HQ itself.

The bouts saw the ten competitors brawl their way from the ground floor to the top, where Asuka and Otis were crowned winners. A number of interesting spots were visited along the way including a gymnasium, cafeteria, conference room, bathroom, dining hall, and Vince McMahon's office - Tyrannosaurus Rex skull and all.


Good on Dreamer for keeping the secret a secret, though it looked like he passed that catering advice on to Otis, who snuck off to find a strategically-placed stash of cream pies midway through the bout, planting one on John Laurinaitis' face.

Perhaps a wrestler may have used that secret third entrance to seal the victory and score one of the briefcases had they known. This knowledge may have been particularly useful to Aleister Black or Rey Mysterio, both of whom were lobbed off the roof.

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