Tony Khan Announces New Home For Ring Of Honor... Sort Of

ROH offering monthly subscription HonorClub for television, PPVs, with more news coming.

Tony Khan ROH Final Battle 2022

After nearly a year of sharing time on AEW television, Ring of Honor looks like it will get its own home for original programming.

During a post-PPV media scrum after ROH Final Battle, Tony Khan announced the "soft launch" of HonorClub, which will house Ring of Honor's library of programs, including the other two ROH PPVs from earlier this year. According to Khan, the plan is to add new PPVs to the service 90 days after they air live. HonorClub will cost $9.99 per month.

As for new television programming for Ring of Honor, Khan was less specific in a long, rambling answer, saying that he would "regroup" and provide an update on the launch of new TV programming for ROH after New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom 17 and AEW's West Coast shows in Seattle (4 January) and Los Angeles (11 January).


Khan said that he wants NJPW involved in the next phase of Ring of Honor as well.

While this doesn't necessarily mean ROH titles will disappear from AEW television, it's the first clear news that Ring of Honor will get its own home instead of living on AEW shows and PPVs.


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