Tony Khan Fires Back At Lack Of Diversity Claims About AEW

AEW chief Tony Khan has received intense criticism for his latest comments.

Big Swole

Tony Khan has stirred controversy on social media by firing back at ex-AEW star Big Swole's comments about a "lack of diversity" in the company.

The All Elite chief quoted a news item posted by Fightful on his official Twitter account, and said: "I let Swole’s contract expire as I felt her wrestling wasn’t good enough". Khan also addressed the diversity conversation by saying, "The top 2 @AEWexecs are brown (me & Megha)!!".

He then went on to name several black wrestlers on the current roster to hammer home his point.


Twitter did not take kindly to Tony's words. Some AEW stars defended their boss; Hikaru Shida replied to his tweet with a simple, "I love AEW". Meanwhile, others had the opposite view. Lio Rush, for example, later tweeted out that Khan must apologise for what he said.

This is obviously a sensitive issue that many are very passionate about, and a ton of fans criticised Khan for his take on it. The comments filled up with calls for Tony to delete his initial tweet and say sorry for offending so many.


The tweet hasn't been deleted at time of writing.

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