Tony Khan In Backstage Debate Over AEW Full Gear 2022 Finish

Tony Khan pushed through his MJF/Jon Moxley finish, but "influential wrestlers" had another idea...

Tony Khan MJF

MJF's AEW World Championship victory over Jon Moxley at Full Gear 2022 came via interference from William Regal, who turned on Mox by slipping MJF the brass knuckles, effectively landing the 26-year-old his first piece of gold in the promotion.

This specific finish came from AEW founder and CEO Tony Khan himself - but it wasn't the only idea on the table for the biggest triumph of MJF's career.

The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer reports that "several of the most influential wrestlers" in AEW suggested a different conclusion for Moxley vs. MJF. It is presumed that this would have still seen MJF pick up the win, just via an alternative method.


Ultimately, though, Khan was "strong" on his idea, hence why the bout ended up playing out the way it did.

There is currently no word on what, exactly, what alternative finish would have been, though the idea of Regal turning on the Blackpool Combat Club and assisting MJF had been teased throughout the Moxley feud. The Englishman's history with MJF was fundamental to the storyline, with much of the new champion's fuel to become World Champion coming from Regal seemingly going cold on him after a WWE tryout years ago.

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