Tony Khan Provides Update On Future AEW Streaming Service - "Great Library We're Building"

Could the AEW Network be coming sooner rather than later?

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has provided a major update on the possibility of a future AEW streaming library.

The AEW president offered the comments during an interview with the My Mom's Basement podcast, noting that (h/t;

"I'm going to continue to work to make sure that the great library we're building is available to the fans in the best possible way. Just getting it available would be a really good start. It would be very easy to just slap them all up there. I got other stuff that people have never seen. For example, a great wrestling show that I'm sitting on that's a pay per view that nobody's ever seen is the House Always Wins 2021. It is an awesome show. People came out and were like, 'That is a pay per view.' Well, we actually did it with a commentary. I guess a good thing to consider (sic) it to, would be like, I told the people there this is like an ECW arena show because it's like a tape that eventually people will see and you all are seeing it like a house show but we are recording this with commentary. Tony Schiavone was on commentary and we had a great thing going.”

Spread across television, pay-per-view, YouTube and FiteTV, AEW's various offerings would presumably be brought in under one roof in a method similar to the WWE Network should the service ever come to fruition. Khan acquired the Ring Of Honor archives with the purchase of the company in March 2022.

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