Tony Khan Talks AEW Possibly Working With NJPW

"Nothing is impossible."

Tony Khan AEW

Whilst speaking to Sports Illustrated about the upcoming Full Gear PPV, AEW President Tony Khan talked about potentially working with New Japan Pro Wrestling again in the future.

Khan answered a variety of different questions throughout the interview. However, the most intriguing topic of conversation centred around the company's relationship with NJPW:

"Nothing is impossible. I’m open to working with companies. You’ve seen us work with AAA and the NWA, among others, so certainly I don’t think it’s impossible that we could do something there. I’ve had good conversations with them in the past, so you never know."

Hiroshi Tanahashi recently appeared on Dynamite during Chris Jericho's 30th anniversary show which hinted at the two company's being on the same page at this moment in time. Though it's still not clear if or when the two promotions will allow their stars to meet in the ring again.


During the interview, Khan also hyped up tonight's stacked Full Gear card:

"It’s the best card we’ve presented, top to bottom. Every match is really strong, and every match has potential to steal the show."

He also noted that he's spoken with the roster about dangerous spots during matches after Matt Hardy's sickening All Out fall:

"I’ve talked to everybody about what risks are unacceptable to take in a match, and everyone heard me loud and clear. We’ve added to our protocol since that show to make sure that we’re always prepared for anything that can happen in the course of a match. We also added another independent neurologist to the staff."

Full Gear looks like it has the potential to be one of the biggest PPV's of the year, or at the very least the biggest AEW event. Here's just hoping we don't see another Hardy situation and that each star is well looked after during their quests to steal the show.

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