Top Free Agent Spotted At WWE Performance Center

Former MLW standout to sign with WWE?

Salina De La Renta

Former Major League Wrestling standout Salina De La Renta has been spotted at the WWE Performance Center, per Fightful Select.

De La Renta was at WWE's Orlando-based facility for "training" on Monday, though there's no word on what this consisted of, be it in-ring, workouts, tryouts, or promos. Nonetheless, Salina was there, with the belief being that WWE has offered her a contract after their noted interest in her.

May saw De La Renta confirm she had left her role as an MLW executive producer and on-air talent, having managed the likes of LA Park to considerable success in the promotion. She was written off company television in a segment featuring returning former Lucha Underground personality Dario Cueto, who looks to have assumed an authority figure role in the on-hiatus company.


De La Renta, 24, has wrestling experience to complement her managerial work, though her CAGEMATCH profile suggests she hasn't been active between the ropes since 2018.

Speculation that Salina was on her way to WWE was fuelled last week, when she announced she was closing her merchandise store and Cameo page - a common practice amongst soon-to-be-signed free agents heading to Stamford.

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