Top IMPACT Star Heading To Pro Wrestling NOAH?

A current IMPACT champion could be about to embark on their maiden voyage to Japan.

Josh Alexander
IMPACT Wrestling

Pro Wrestling NOAH has teased the debut of Josh Alexander, the current IMPACT World Champion.

The 'Walking Weapon' was announced for a special attraction match vs. NOAH's Katsuhiko Nakajima on Saturday, 12 November. Though this could simply be what it's billed as - an attraction for New Evolution Wrestling's anniversary spectacle - NOAH's global social media team thought it important enough to tweet with the age-old eyeball emoji trope.

Pro Wrestling NOAH currently has an established working relationship with IMPACT Wrestling, so Alexander heading to Japan for the first time in his career isn't off the table. He wouldn't be the first to do so either; his Bound For Glory challenger Eddie Edwards is the sole foreigner to hold the prestigious GHC Heavyweight Title.


The reigning IMPACT World Champion, Josh Alexander is on a career-best run. Months of chasing the title after elevating the X Division Championship saw Alexander defeat Moose at Rebellion to capture the title. A minutes-long reign had ensued at Bound For Glory 2021 before Moose cashed in the Call Your Shot trophy he'd won earlier that night.

Alexander is currently on track to defend IMPACT's top prize against Eddie Edwards, a contest that will headline the Anthem-helmed promotion's 18th annual Bound For Glory on Friday, 7 October.

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