Top NJPW Star Calls Out CM Punk

In which another big AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door crossover is teased...


It sounds like NJPW star KENTA is angling to step back through the Forbidden Door to AEW.

The reigning IWGP United States Champion called out CM Punk after taking the title from the legendary Hiroshi Tanahashi at Saturday's Power Struggle 2021 event. Speaking at the post-show press conference, KENTA said that he was ready to put Punk to sleep:-

"After three years, I finally prove who the f*ck I am, baby. I'm the United States Champion. It doesn't matter if it's going to happen or not, but I just want to entertain you guys. I want to give you guys a home. Hey, CM Punk! I'm ready to put you to sleep."

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KENTA became the first NJPW wrestler to truly cross over into AEW when he attacked Jon Moxley at 3 February 2021's Beach Break event, signifying the start of a full-on working relationship between the two promotions. He went on to team with Kenny Omega to beat Moxley and Lance Archer on the following week's episode of Dynamite.

Punk and KENTA have never shared a wrestling ring before, though they share a finisher in the Go 2 Sleep. Though Punk popularised the move in the United States, it was innovated by KENTA back in 2004, with Punk adopting it later.

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