Top Star "Leaning Towards Leaving" AEW

The latest on a major AEW star, their expiring contract, and future in wrestling.


MJF is reportedly leaning towards leaving All Elite Wrestling when his contract with the promotion expires, with the 26-year-old still frustrated over his pay.

Per Fightful Select, MJF's April conversation with company founder and president Tony Khan (which stemmed from the rising star's uncleared interview with Ariel Helwani) left MJF feeling sour about a number of things. Fightful had mentioned MJF's contract status as a source of concern at the time, with the outlet's Sean Ross Sapp later reporting that money was at the core of this. A day one AEW wrestler, MJF, who has become one of the sport's top heels during his time in the company, wants a raise, as several people who have come into the company after him are now earning "way more."

In this new update, it is stated that despite the aforementioned Khan/MJF conversation, any good sentiment didn't last for the wrestler. The former AEW World Title contender's constant teases of jumping ship to WWE are not believed to be in character.


It is felt by some that Khan and MJF aren't as close as they were when AEW was formed, with MJF now leaning towards leaving upon his current deal's expiration. Contract negotiations have at least been mentioned to him, though there's currently no word on whether this would mean an extension, a renegotiation of his current terms, or something else entirely.

The report stresses that MJF is not 100% set on leaving AEW. Much can change between now and 2024, which is when his current contract runs out.

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