Top Star Teases WWE Trios Titles

Will Triple H and WWE follow AEW's lead by introducing some six-man tag belts?

Kofi Kingston WWE

Kofi Kingston has teased the idea of WWE introducing Trios Titles akin to the belts currently visible over on AEW programming.

The New Day member told NBC Sports Boston that "anything is possible", and pointed out just how many viable threesomes the company has right now. New Day would count as one when Big E is healthy again, then there's also The Brawling Brutes, Imperium and even factions with more members like The Bloodline.

Kofi thinks a Trios Tag Title division could be "interesting" if Triple H fancies making it a reality on Raw and SmackDown soon. The ex-WWE Champ also reckons it'd feel like something totally new for most fans, at least those who exclusively tune into WWE TV.


AEW debuted their own Trios Titles over the summer. The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) bagged the new belts by winning a tournament final over Hangman Page and The Dark Order at All Out - Kenny and The Bucks were then subsequently suspended for their part in the CM Punk drama, and Death Triangle currently hold the straps.

Would WWE Trios Titles work? Kofi would love to see them try.


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