Top Women's Wrestler Set To Sign With AEW?

AEW's growing women's division could be set for a huge boost.

Kris Statlander Alex Marvez

AEW appear to be on the verge of signing the much sought-after Kris Statlander.

This is according to Dave Meltzer, whose writeup in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that Statlander's likeliest destination is AEW despite recent negotiations with WWE.

As reported earlier this month, Statlander had been in talks with WWE, with some outlets even reporting that she had signed. The Observer clarifies that while a deal was thought to be "close," WWE dragged their heels on sending a contract through, though the promotion were under the impression that she'd be joining the Performance Center in January - until she showed up on AEW television the other week.

Statlander already has two AEW appearances to her name, losing tag team bouts on the 19 November episode of Dark and this week's Dynamite. She was the clear star performer in both.

Considered one of the most exciting young prospects in wrestling today, the Beyond Wrestling staple rose to prominence last year, becoming one of the depleted indie scene's standout performers. She is exactly the kind of wrestler AEW's struggling women's division needs right now, particularly with Kenny Omega promising a rebuild heading into 2020.

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