Top WWE NXT Prospect Confirms Injury

Here's why you might not see this much-touted WWE NXT 2.0 up-and-comer for a while.

NXT 2.0

NXT 2.0 has lost one of its most promising young wrestlers to injury.

Nathan Frazer has confirmed that he is currently suffering from what he describes as a "little injury", though it doesn't sound like he'll be on the treatment table for long.

The 23-year-old tweeted the following during last night's NXT 2.0 broadcast:-


There is currently no word on the nature of Frazer's injury or an accurate gauge of how much ring time he will be forced to miss. Nonetheless, all the best to him in his recovery.


Frazer made the jump from NXT UK to NXT 2.0 earlier this year. Working his first match on the 3 May episode, where he faced (and defeated) Grayson Waller, he has carved out a nice run stateside, going 3-1 on the developmental brand, with his only defeat being to current NXT Championship contender and former North American Title holder Cameron Grimes. Nathan last wrestled on 10 June, falling to North American Champion Carmelo Hayes on a Florida house show.

The former Benjamin Carter has been signed to WWE since December 2020, as announced on an episode of NXT UK.

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