Top WWE Star Admits He Was "An A*shole" Backstage

This WWE headliner is retrospectively VERY embarrassed by his own behaviour.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton openly admits he was trouble behind the scenes and around pro wrestling fans during his younger days in WWE.

The SmackDown star told Logan Paul on his "IMPAULSIVE" podcast that he sometimes cringes when he sees old footage of the way he acted in his youth. Without trying to justify any "a*shole" behaviour, Randy described his wild ways as "like [his] armour".


That's fitting, because it did feel like Orton was bulletproof back then. Vince McMahon and other members of WWE management went out of their way to protect Randy. He seemed to be untouchable at times despite making several poor decisions - various fines and suspensions were akin to mild slaps on the wrist.

On that, Randy says he's "blessed". He's also grateful that key people saw enough talent in him to overlook the bad stuff, but is pleased he "grew out of that stage" in his life eventually. Now, Orton is considered a WWE locker room leader, and is one of the longest tenured workers on the roster.


However, he confesses that his prior behaviour was "horrible". It's embarrassing for him to think about now.

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