Top WWE Star Says He "Doesn't Need" Another Title Reign

A sentimental World Championship reign isn't necessary, at least according to this WWE star.

Edge WWE SmackDown

"When I look at the character, and I look at everything I accomplished with the character, what does one more mean?".

That's what Edge had to say when Sports Illustrated asked about the chances of another World Title reign before hanging up his boots for good. According to the 'Rated-R Superstar', one more WWE or Universal Championship run isn't necessary at this point in his career.

He does think it'd be "a cool, redemptive story" (his very own Rocky moment), but he's not so sure people want to see something so obvious play out in 2022. Besides, Edge is fully aware that WWE must start preparing for the future by pushing new faces to the top of the card - he's very much on the back nine of his career.


Edge added that it's way more important that he's able to tell good stories than just win titles for the sake of it. Feuds with Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and The Miz have reaped huge rewards on the microphone too, and so Edge doesn't believe WWE needs to leap into any championship wins right now.

He's happy to have good matches and weave compelling stories.

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