Top WWE Star Suspended After SmackDown Attack

WWE star suspended in-storyline for "endangering SmackDown's locker room".

Brock Lesnar Adam Pearce

WWE official Adam Pearce suspended Brock Lesnar in storyline for attacking Roman Reigns and "endangering the production crew, officials and locker room" on Friday's episode of SmackDown.

The show opened with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman cutting an in-ring promo about beating Brock at Crown Jewel on Thursday; there was major tension between Roman and Heyman before Lesnar hit the scene and wrecked everything in his path.

Fans went wild for the assault.


Afterwards, Pearce chastised Brock's actions and suspended him indefinitely. Lesnar then returned to the ring, grabbed the authority figure and hit two F5s (the live crowd called for another one following the first) before eventually leaving.

There's no word on how long this kayfabe suspension will last, but some fans on Twitter seem to believe that Brock will be back in time for January's Royal Rumble. That could be a safe bet given Lesnar's typical WWE schedule.


It'd be a huge surprise if he didn't play a part in the build towards WrestleMania 38 during the first quarter of 2022, put it that way.

Pearce needed assistance from several WWE referees to return backstage post-angle.

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