Top WWE Star Teases Return To Former Gimmick

A multiple-time champion teases returning to a former persona.

Asuka WWE

WWE's Asuka has seemingly teased returning to her Kana roots.

Taking to Twitter, the Empress of Tomorrow posted several photos from the earlier days of her career, where she competed in Japan under the Kana moniker. With Joker-esque face paint, Kana was a far darker character than what audiences have seen from the star's Asuka persona. Dubbed the Murder Clown, Kana was famed for spitting pink mist at her opponents.

Having previously mentioned on social media how she "never wanted to be respected" and doesn't "care about that", Asuka posted numerous images from her Kana days - complete with captions such as "the world is full of s**t", "Goodbye cruel world", and quotes from Mozart's The Magic Flute.


This past Monday night saw Asuka pinned by Bayley in a triple threat offering also featuring Rhea Ripley. As a result, Bayley now goes onto face Alexa Bliss next week, with the winner of that bout earning themselves a shot at Bianca Belair's Raw Women's Championship.

Could Asuka be set to embrace a more Kana-influenced persona in the coming weeks? That remains to be seen, though many a long-time fan of the star would certainly be keen to see the hugely talented Empress veer towards a darker, more sinister personality.

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