Top WWE Star To Get Bodyguard?

A new direction for one of Raw's top stars?

Jordan Omogbehin Ninja

Man mountain Jordan Omogbehin could be set for a role alongside one of WWE's biggest stars.

Per Fightful Select, WWE has discussed the idea of using Omogbehin as AJ Styles' bodyguard following the former World Champion's move to Raw. There's currently no word on when the promotion may choose to introduce Jordan alongside Styles, or if the suggestion has actually been okayed yet, though it has reportedly been pitched.

Omogbehin stands at a towering 7'3" and weighs close to 300lbs. He is a former college basketball player who signed with WWE in October 2018 and made his in-ring debut the following July, with images of him working the house show loop quickly hitting the internet because of his size. The 26-year-old has already featured on television as part of Akira Tozawa's ninja clan this past June, with commentary referring to him as "Big Ninja," before he moved into a role as Shane McMahon's Raw Underground bouncer a few months later, guarding the entrance to the Monday night fight club.


Last week's news that Raw Underground is "done for now" seemingly leaves Omogbehin without a gig, so perhaps we'll see him and AJ together on Raw before long.

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