Top WWE Star Was Set For Burial Before Vince McMahon's Departure

A new report reveals one current WWE Champion was nearly buried last month.

Ludwig Kaiser Gunther Intercontinental Title

Current reigning Intercontinental Champion Gunther was on the verge of being buried on TV last month.

Despite being presenting as an all-round force of nature for much of his main roster run since kissing NXT 2.0 goodbye in April, it was recently revealed by WrestleVotes that the former Walter was set to be very much buried in the wake of his Monday Night Raw showing on July 4.

According to said report, leading up to and on the back of his R-Truth destroying on Raw last month, folks backstage weren't said to be all that happy with the way the indomitable champ had been performing on WWE TV. So much so, his widely praised push on SmackDown was said to be in danger of being cut short.


As the often reliable WrestleVotes would reveal on Twitter:

"Following his appearance on RAW on 7/4, those in power at the time really soured on Gunther for whatever ridiculous reason. To the point where a burial on TV was coming. Just a month later and quite the difference…"

As also noted in the above tweet, Triple H stepping up to the creative plate following on from Vince McMahon's resignation towards the end of July seems to have had an impact on these proposed plans.

As recently as this past Friday's edition of SmackDown, Gunther was seen putting on an absolute clinic with Shinsuke Nakamura in the main event as he successfully defended his IC strap, providing further evidence that Trips clearly has faith in a Ring General some members of WWE management were less than impressed by just a month or so ago.


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