Total Chaos Of Hit Row's Last WWE Day Revealed

A wild story even by WWE's standards.

Hit Row WWE SmackDown

On their last day in WWE, November 18, former member Ashante Adonis confirmed on Busted Open Radio that they received four separate, wildly contradictory phone calls.

The first seemed like the normal course of business: they were scheduled to appear on SmackDown, RAW and Survivor Series the following week and were notified of that fact. They received a call subsequent to that, on the same day, advising that they were not in fact required. After that - on the same day, all the same day - they received a third call on which they were told that they were required to appear on all three shows after all.

They later received a fourth call on which they were notified of their release from the company altogether.


Vince McMahon clearly doesn't know his ar*ehole from his Hit Row at this point. This story paints a staggeringly unorganised picture of WWE as an operation. This report is one of the most unfathomable arguments yet in favour of "plans change": how do you go from getting booked twice before getting fired?

Is Vince Russo handling the admin these days, or?


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