Trinity Fatu Speaks Out On Current Relationship With Mercedes Moné

The former WWE Tag Team Champions haven’t worked together in wrestling since - so what now?

Trinity Fatu
Impact Wrestling

Trinity Fatu has spoken at length about her current relationship with Mercedes Moné, following the pair signing for different organisations after leaving WWE together last May.

Speaking on Sherri, she said (h/t ewrestlingnews);

Absolutely. It’s very difficult to get out of your comfort zone. And she and I kind of experienced that together. Just the unknown. But having her to confide in, especially the times where it really did get hard. That’s my sister for life. Our relationship really goes beyond wrestling...We always had a great special connection by just being together in the business over the years, working together. Experience things together. Even real life stuff. We just experienced so much together. And I think it’s so special when you find people like that in the business – where it goes beyond work. I love her. She’s the GOAT. The Greatest of All Time.”

The duo left WWE together in 2022 while still holding the Women’s Tag Team Championships, protesting both their booking for that night’s Monday Night Raw as well as the wider landscape of the women’s division. After leaving the belts on then-Talent Relations boss John Laurinaitis’ desk, they were buried on-screen and online by the company.

Since the acrimonious departure, Naomi has gone on to work for Impact Wrestling under her real name, and is thus far undefeated with the group. Sasha Banks has rebranded herself as Mercedes Moné and won and lost the IWGP Women’s Championship wrestling on NJPW and Stardom cards. Per various reports, she was also set to become the first NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion before a mid-match injury against Willow Nightingale, resulting in the AEW/ROH regular taking the gold instead.

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