Triple H "Believed" In THIS Abandoned WWE Gimmick

A famous tag-team's breakup didn't last, but Triple H thought WWE could've done more.

Reverend D-Von

D-Von Dudley has revealed that none other than Triple H "believed" in his brief run as 'Reverend D-Von' back in 2002.

In fact, 'The Game' once told somebody that Dudley "got the raw end of the stick" from company writers on SmackDown back then. D-Von told this story during a recent virtual signing with fans on Facebook. He hasn't forgotten how kind and supportive Trips was following WWE's initial brand split and decision to put The Dudley Boys on different shows.

Dudley did also tell fans that he didn't feel sorry for himself once it became clear that WWE's creative team had lost interest in his new religious gimmick. However, Hunter was "always in [his] corner" as a full-time worker, and that continued when D-Von worked under Triple H recently as a WWE producer.


D-Von assumed the 'Reverend' gimmick in March '02, but writers put him back with Bubba-Ray by November - they reunited at Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden, and received a rapturous reception for doing so. That ended increasingly-miserable solo runs for both on Raw and SmackDown.

Triple H thought the 'Reverend' persona had legs though.

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