Triple H: 5 Awesome Matches And 5 That Sucked

triple-h2 When it comes to splitting wrestling fans, John Cena is seen as the most divisive man in wrestling. But does he really have anything on 'The Game' Triple H? For nearly two decades now Hunter Hearst Helmsley has split opinion. He has drawn frenzied criticism at the same time as receiving critical praise. His reputation in the industry is conflicting. The likes of Steve Austin and Kurt Angle have ranked Hunter as one of the very best workers, a top guy with an intelligent brain for in-ring psychology. At the same time his matches have been savaged by WWE legend Bret Hart, and the wider wrestling media seems to hate the experienced veteran. For every person who recognizes Hunter's contribution to the WWE, there is another person who cites him as a manipulative backstabber. There is a belief in some circles that he got lucky. He made friends with a key creative player (Shawn Michaels) and married the bosses daughter to secure a privileged status within the business are common accusations levied at The Game. Conversely, a look through Hunter's history of promos and main event classics tells a different story. A man who can wrestle as well as anyone, a man who cuts an excellent promo as both a heel or a face. Triple H is a unique individual in the wrestling business. The 13 time world champion will leave a legacy of greatness mixed with controversy. Here at Whatculture we look at 5 awesome matches and 5 that sucked...
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