Triple H Addresses The Rock's WWE Powers On SmackDown

Just how much power does The Rock actually have? Triple H weighed in on SmackDown.

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Neither The Rock nor Roman Reigns showed up on this week's episode of SmackDown, but Triple H had a key message for Dwayne Johnson (in particular). 'The Game's' promo was WWE's bid to tidy up some loose ends from a fiery press event in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Hunter opened Friday's show by addressing what happened at the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff presser. Then, he said that Rocky has no powers to make his own matches or put himself in lofty spots. That explains why The Rock, as a new member on WWE/TKO's board of directors, couldn't just overturn Cody Rhodes announcing that he'd be the one challenging Roman at 'Mania.


Triple H said it doesn't matter if Rock is on the board or not, because he'll be the one making final decisions anyway. The segment was neatly packaged, didn't take up much time, and did a good job explaining why Roman, Rocky and Paul Heyman left the press event following an angry verbal exchange with Trips.

Both Reigns and The Rock are currently scheduled to appear on SmackDown next week. WWE is hyping that both will confront Triple H on the show.

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