Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Expected On WWE Raw Tonight

The leaders of The Authority return tonight.

If you have enjoyed Raw without the presence of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon aka The Authority then this news might not please you: WWE's power couple are set to return to Raw tonight. While it isn't being advertised on as of this writing, it has been confirmed on PWInsider. They haven't been on Raw together since the night after WrestleMania 31. Stephanie McMahon has been overseas for most of the past month working with the Eisenhower Fellowship. She did return on April 30 to do a WWE Network podcast with Chris Jericho, but other than that she's been off WWE TV for over a month. The current storyline that has been dominating WWE is that Kane has been having problems as the Director of Authority with the WWE Champion Seth Rollins. The story is that Rollins wants Kane to help him at every opportunity while Kane doesn't like Seth's attitude, so it's the start of a Kane face turn. Look for Hunter and Stephanie to come in to force them to work together perhaps in a tag match or just some way where they look like a cohesive unit again. The timing of their return couldn't be better for WWE because ratings were down last week even though it was a great show. Stephanie and Hunter have been good for ratings in the last few months, so it wouldn't be a shock if they are involved heavily all night long. Stephanie is fantastic as a heel in power. Sometimes WWE overdoes it by doing too many promos and backstage vignettes, but when it comes to being a jerk she's great at it. Triple H is also very good at it although she must have had some evil gene passed on from her father Vince because it comes so natural to her. That performance she had at WrestleMania was fantastic. It was some of the best work of her career. A few days ago, Stephanie posted a picture from her visit to the Great Wall of China. Chances are good that the Billion Dollar Princess and The Game are going to start off Raw with a 15 minute promo like we're used to seeing from them. On the Raw page at they are advertising a "face to face" between John Cena and Rusev leading to their US Title match at Payback next Sunday.
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