Triple H Doesn't Think WWE Disapproves Of Matt Riddle's Brock Lesnar Challenge?

The NXT chief thinks Riddle's outspoken nature is "a great thing".

Brock Lesnar Matt Riddle

During a media conference call (reported via Lords Of Pain) yesterday, Triple H was asked whether or not Vince McMahon is actually p*ssed at Matt Riddle's outspoken behaviour.

'The Game' said he's read the same rumours floating around the internet that everyone else has, but hasn't heard any word from the WWE boss asking him to clamp down on Riddle. In fact, Triple H thinks the ex-MMA fighter's cocky, confrontational statements are "a great thing".

This contravenes news from the Wrestling Observer that McMahon and Lesnar himself were angry at Riddle for continually talking about facing Brock and retiring him. In fairness, whilst Trips might keep cards close to his chest sometimes, he would know a bit more about Vince's thoughts than Dave Meltzer or anyone else reporting on the situation.

Obviously, this doesn't mean that Riddle vs. Lesnar is a certainty to happen either.

Trips merely stated that McMahon didn't ring him up or tell him to admonish Riddle. Indeed, NXT's figurehead isn't ruling out the prospect of a match between Riddle and Brock at some point in the future.

Fingers crossed it happens someday.

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