Triple H Exploring Major Changes For WWE's NXT Brand

If the Game gets his way, we'll be getting a lot more NXT action sooner rather than later.


Ready for more NXT? If so, you may well be in luck.

In a new report from the Wrestling Observer, Triple H is said to be exploring ways to expand the visibility of the NXT brand.

The Game is reported to have been studying the budget to try and find a way to somehow create an additional way for NXT talent to get exposure and in-ring reps.


It’s not yet known whether this would be a straight-up second NXT TV show or possibly some sort of semi-regular non-televised live event (when possible), but it is clear that the NXT brand won’t be going back to their pre-pandemic schedule of running several house shows each week.

Previously, NXT would run at least two non-televised shows per week, with the aim being to give less experienced wrestlers the chance to hone their craft and work in front of an audience. With 2020 being, well, 2020, that has obviously been off the table.


Given that a part of the NXT system is to take inexperienced performers and turn them into superstars, that clearly requires said talent being able to perfect their skills in somewhere other than the Performance Center – and it sounds as if Triple H is looking at a way to address this sooner rather than later.

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