Triple H Is The "Most Frustrated Man" In WWE

Insider says The Game often consoles talent backstage.

Triple H angry

We're constantly hearing rumours of backstage grumblings within WWE over the erratic nature of helmsman Vince McMahon - and several of those were seemingly confirmed by an insider on Wade Keller's podcast yesterday.

Keller spoke to a close associate of the company's writing team on an episode of his Post Pro-Wrestling Show last night, and the unnamed informant dropped a few zingers.

Most notably, Triple H is said to be "the most frustrated person in backstage every night", apparently taking wrestlers - in particular NXT graduates - under his wing, and seemingly "consoling them".

He also mentioned, confirming the generally received wisdom, that the creative team are "writing for an audience of one", and if they forget that, they're booted.

Other choice nuggets included that the Superstar Shake-Up didn't transpire anything like originally planned, the 'Wild Card' rule was a last minute addition to the script, and that everybody works for Dana Warrior and "it's really awkward".

The writer revealed that one colleague was very close to calling it quits because he is so "unbelievably happy", citing WWE as a "toxic atmosphere" which is "all because of one person".

How's that for a pipe bomb?

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