Triple H Mocks Mickie James' Plans For All-Female NWA PPV

The Game rules out NXT talent appearing for the National Wrestling Alliance.

Triple H NXT

With Tuesday having seen Mickie James join Billy Corgan on NWA Powerrr to announce an all-female NWA PPV for this August, Triple H has responded to James’ plans to feature the best women in the world on this show.

Detailed on this week’s Powerrr, Mickie announced an all-women’s NWA PPV to take place at St. Louis' Chase Ballroom on Saturday 28 August. As part of that announcement, the five-time WWE Women’s Champion stated how she wants the top female talent on the planet involved in the event – even if they’re contracted to other promotions.

When asked about this during the media call for this weekend’s NXT TakeOver: In Your House (as per WrestlingHeadlines), Triple H was quick to rule out any NXT talent appearing for the National Wrestling Alliance.


The Game laughed at Mickie’s comments about the NWA door being open to talent contracted elsewhere, explaining how that line didn’t make any sense to him as the whole purpose of placing a wrestler under contract was to have exclusive access to that talent.

On this topic, Triple H also added how if somebody wants to see the best female talent in the world, they should watch WWE and NXT. Interestingly, Hunter did tease that an all-women’s NXT show could be a possibility at some point down the line, although he followed that up by giving the questionable take that if everyone is equal then there is no need for all-men’s or female-only events.

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