Triple H Reacts To WWE's 'Record Low' Ratings

'The Game' talks openly about the need to "take a hard look" at WWE ratings.

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Triple H thinks it's important for WWE to "take a hard look" at the reasons behind sagging ratings.

The company's 5 July 2021 edition of (longtime flagship) Raw bagged 1.4 million viewers, a rating which is one of the lowest in promotional history. Trips told Dan Gelston of The North State Journal it's "never one thing" that's to blame for a low number though.

It's a combination of factors, he says.


'The Game' then went on to say that the return of live crowds gives WWE an excuse to "shift everything". They introduced new set designs for Raw and SmackDown this past week, and brought back a ton of major stars like John Cena and Bill Goldberg.

Triple H added that there's now "a greater emphasis on utilising the spaces [they] have, and the TV aspect of it, whilst still engaging the fans". He reckons that WWE can combat the sinking ratings by freshening up the shows, basically.


Both Trips and Stephanie McMahon have spoken about the lessons WWE learned during the ThunderDome era. Key officials believe that better production and fan "engagement" will reap better results in the ratings.

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