Triple H Reportedly Pulls WWE Legend From ECW Tribute Show

WWE reportedly threatened legal action if an employee didn't no-show ECW's tribute.

D'Von Dudley WWE Hall of Fame

WWE reportedly demanded that current backstage producer D-Von Dudley was pulled from an ECW tribute show over the weekend.

D-Von had been scheduled to appear as part of a pre-show convention before the 'Tribute To The Extreme' card held at the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia (now called the 2300 Arena). Following that meet-and-greet showing, Dudley would've gatecrashed the planned main event between Matt Cardona and old partner Bully Ray.

Triple H said it couldn't happen.


PWInsider reports that D-Von even asked 'The Game' personally for permission to do the gig, but he couldn't make it happen. WWE's lawyers were irate that local promoters had been touting the ECW brand heavily, and pointed out that WWE owns intellectual property on those letters.

So, long story short, Dudley wasn't permitted to run out during the main or sign autographs/pose for pictures with fans who had made the trip to see him. In fairness, all of this probably should've been cleared with WWE before D-Von was even in town, but it'll still upset fans who wanted to meet him.


The card did go ahead without Dudley's influence, obviously.

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