Triple H Reveals Meaning Behind Message On Velveteen Dream's Tights

Dream's cheeky message harder to crack than it seems.

Velveteen Dream tights
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The Velveteen Dream's backside caught quite a lot of attention at last night's NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4. Using his pert behind as a billboard for company higher ups, Dream's tights were emblazoned with the non-so-subtle slogan, "Call me up, Vince."

It didn't seem as though the meaning behind this ass epithet required Bletchley Park to, ahem, uncrack, but apparently it got Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet wondering, and he decided to query Triple H on the phrase during the NXT honcho's post-show Q&A.

After pausing for a brief while as his humour cogs whirred into motion, Hunter quipped that the cheeky (yes) message didn't refer to Vince McMahon at all, but rather Dream's mate Vince, who happened to have misplaced his phone.

Oh, he's a witty one, that Double-H Helmsley. Mauro Ranallo on commentary did not miss the plea scrawled across Dream's bottom either, slightly ruining the subtlety of it all by reading it out before noting that it wasn't too hard to understand. That's where you were wrong, Mauro our friend.

The NXT starlet overcame EC3 at last night's show, during which he suffered a tear in his tights. Vince McMahon, it seems, can rip fabric telekinetically. Scary.

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