Triple H Said NO To Reuniting This WWE Faction

A popular WWE stable wasn't on Triple H's agenda, apparently. He scrapped reunion plans.

The Hurt Business

MVP has revealed via a series of Instagram posts (collated by @WrestleOps on X) that Triple H "had the power" to reunite The Hurt Business on WWE TV but "said no" and scrapped tentative plans.

Porter didn't hold back when replying to a number of fans on social media either. At one point, after someone had claimed this Trips-led era is "emasculating black men", MVP replied: "You see it". Then, Porter also corrected another fan who suggested Vince McMahon was solely responsible; "[Triple H] chose not to. Go figure".


The Hurt Business was comprised of Bobby Lashley, MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. Their first run, which really lasted between 2020-2021, was followed by a brief reunion in 2022. That didn't last long though, apparently because Triple H wasn't really into the faction in the first place.

Some of MVP's comments could ruffle feathers behind the scenes in WWE. Porter is currently off-screen, but remains on company books. His latest gig saw him manage the towering Omos, but the giant hasn't wrestled a match since April.


There's no word yet on when he or MVP will return to television.


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