Triple H Takes Dig At Vince McMahon During NXT Takeover

Triple H's NXT project is proving superior to Vince's big brands.

Triple H has launched a personal dig at Vince McMahon, tweeting "Hey, can anyone help me? I'm missing a whole box of brass rings. #NXTTakeOver @WWENXT." This was following the wildly successful NXT Takeover R Evolution event on Thursday night. It was a critically lauded showcase of pro wrestling, with stellar performances from young talent like Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, Charlotte, Kevin Owens, Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn. Hunter's "brass rings" tweet is in reference to Vince McMahon saying no superstars are reaching for the brass ring. Vince made that comment during Steve Austin's recent podcast, in which he dismissed the current generation of "millennial" talent. Triple H's dig is actually loaded with real emotion. Whereas Hunter is taking NXT as a personal project, Vince is taking little interest and was unhappy with the last round of NXT call-ups. There's an underlying tension of Triple H vs Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn when it comes to NXT. This was clear when Charlotte was booked to lose in just two minutes on Raw this past week. Hunter held a conference call on Wednesday and was asked about the logic in that. His reaction was to put the heat on the Raw creative team, blaming Raw's ever changing script and the decisions made outside of his influence. You could tell he was a little irked, as he's a major mark for Charlotte's stellar work. The philosophical and creative differences between Triple H and Vince were definitely obvious at the NXT Takeover event. Hunter had full control as producer and manager, overseeing a much more logical and wrestling-centric show than the events Vince produces for Raw. You could see Hunter's fingerprints all over this quality show and it was testament that he's the man to replace Vince one day. On current evidence, the sooner he gets full control of Raw, the better. Away from the antiquated desires of McMahon and Dunn, Triple H has been able to make a truly great NXT brand in 2014.
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