Triple H Wants THIS Iconic Metal Band To Play WWE WrestleMania 38

Only one band tops Triple H's WWE wishlist for WrestleMania next year.

Metallica Live
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Triple H has said it'd be a "dream come true" if WWE could convince Metallica to play at Wrestlemania 38 next year.

'The Game' told Revolver that the iconic heavy metal band tops his own personal wishlist when it comes to thrashing out (ahem) musical acts for the biggest show of the year. Trips has already circled James Hetfield and the boys as his main pick for 'Mania 38 in 2022.

He wants to see some 'Enter Sandman', damn it. It's 'Sad But True', and Hunter doesn't want his Metallica wish to 'Fade To Black'. OK, enough puns.


Triple H did tease that the legendary group are up for it, but said coordinating such bookings can be a complicated process between company and band management. He also added that he's "constantly throwing ideas" at WWE for others who could play some tunes on the pay-per-view.

It sounds like Trips would rather see Metallica thrash than Pitbull, and few can blame him for that.


Would you like to see Metallica play live at WrestleMania 38? Or, do you think WWE should focus exclusively on the wrestling side of things instead?

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