Trish Stratus Shoots On Controversial WWE Angle

Here's what Trish Stratus REALLY thinks about the time WWE made her bark like a dog.

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Trish Stratus doesn't understand why so many pro wrestling fans despise her notorious 2001 angle with Vince McMahon on Raw.

Back then, McMahon's villainous character forced Trish to strip down to her underwear and "bark like a dog". The segment has received a ton of backlash over the years for being in poor taste, but Stratus told onlookers at a recent 'For The Love Of Wrestling' convention that she's never had a problem with it.

According to Trish, she found the experience "amazing". Explaining, the WWE Hall Of Famer said that Vince was very mindful to put across that Stratus would come out of the onscreen humiliation with serious ammunition she could unload on him later.


Then, the boss reasoned, Trish would blow up into an even bigger star, have fans on her side and gain revenge. That's certainly how things turned out, but countless fans have criticised the whole "bark like a dog" bit for over 20 years.

Trish told fans in attendance that it "was integral for the character to be at that rock bottom" before rising up again. She pointed out that nobody feels sorry for actors who suffer similar humiliations on TV or in film.


"It's a character".

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