True Story Behind Bray Wyatt's New WWE Gimmick

Designer spills beans on "insane" new Bray Wyatt direction.

Bray Wyatt Mask Close Up

The creative force behind Bray Wyatt's new look has offered some revealing insights into the Firefly Fun House reinvention that's seen him go from ice cold to white hot within the space of a month.

A tweet revealed just how close Kyle A. Scarborough's concept drawing was to the eventual (literal) horror show that appeared on Monday's edition of Raw and the fourth vignette in an ongoing series.

He offered further fascinating facts about how the gimmick came to life, including some unexpected interactions with WWE's top table.

Noting that the Bray had called him direct several months ago saying he "needed" his help, Scarborough spoke on Wyatt's excitement and desperation to get the character over the line.

He said; "He called me, and with the excitement of a child, ran off the long list of descripts and concepts, flooding my text messages with doodles and images.

He had an idea in mind that needed help. He had the team of people to create the idea, but didn't have the vision. I've never been more scared to take 20 ideas and details that showcased his thoughts (which putting it mildly, are about as close to insane as the character)."

There was more craziness to come for Scarborough, not least when he found out how far his ideas had travelled...

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