Two More WWE SmackDown Stars Reportedly Moving To Raw

WWE and Triple H quietly moved yet another tag-team from SmackDown to Raw.

Angel Humberto Los Lotharios

Los Lotharios duo Angel and Humberto have been moved to Raw, according to PWInsider.

It's worth noting that the tag-team are still listed as SmackDown stars on WWE's official website at time of writing, but that'll surely change soon. Angel and Humberto join recent brand hoppers Maximum Male Models - it appears Triple H wants to shake things up in the tag ranks on Monday nights.

Regular SmackDown viewers will know that Los Lotharios hadn't really been doing anything on the show anyway. The team's last appearance on TV was a loss to Hit Row (in less than three minutes) on the 20 January episode. That was part of WWE's latest tournament to establish new number one contenders for The Usos.


Realistically, Angel and Humberto were never in the running for that spot. The same could be said for Mace and Mansoor. They've also been moved alongside manager/valet Maxxine Dupri.

PWInsider's report didn't mention this, but there's always a chance Los Lotharios could be repackaged with a fresh look now they've jumped shows. The ladies man gimmick they've been working hasn't really been...working for them.

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