Tyrus Retains NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title At Nuff Said

And still...

NWA Nuff Said Tyrus

With NWA's latest PPV, Nuff Said, now in the history books, Tyrus is still your NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

In the Nuff Said main event, the one-time Brodus Clay was successful in defending the promotion's top prize against Matt Cardona; a man who himself has previously held the iconic Ten Pounds of Gold.

After Tyrus had pinned Cardona with the Tongan Death Grip to secure the victory, the big man was confronted by Bully Ray, who did his best to verbally put over Tyrus as a "credible" World Champion. In response to this, Tyrus said that Bully has a title shot whenever he wants one.


Tyrus is in the midst of a 91-day reign as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, having dethroned Trevor Murdoch at Hard Times 3 last November in a triple-threat offering that also featured Matt Cardona.


Upon being criticised by many for putting the NWA's top prize on Tyrus, company owner Billy Corgan was quick to lash out at fans and bizarrely tell the doubters to "don't watch the NWA". At one point viewed as a must-watch product when the weekly NWA Powerrr show was launched in 2019, the NWA of today is sadly vastly different to the one seen just a few years ago.

Elsewhere at NWA Nuff Said, the full action played out as follows:


- Thom Latimer defeated Fodder in a Singapore Cane contest

- NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Kerry Morton defeated Alex Taylor

- 'Thrillbilly' Silas Mason defeated J.R. Kratos

- The Renegade Twins defeated Pretty Empowered to become the new NWA Women's Tag Team Champions

- EC3 defeated Kevin Kiley

- NWA Tag Team Champions La Rebelion defeated Blunt Force Trauma

- Chris Adonis defeated Trevor Murdoch

- NWA Women's Champion Kamile defeated Angelina Love in a No DQ bout

- NWA National Champion Cyon defeated Homicide

- NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus defeated Matt Cardona


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