Tyson Fury Wants An "Exhibition Match" With THIS WWE Icon

Look out WWE! Tyson Fury has retired from boxing and wants "exhibition fights".

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Semi-retired boxer Tyson Fury would love to face The Rock in an "exhibition match" soon.

Fury, who dabbled in pro wrestling as part of WWE's jaunt over to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel 2019, told Good Morning Britain that he won't stop fighting post-retirement - the only difference is that bouts will be "purely [for] entertainment".

In other words, they're not about winning or losing. They're about "putting on a show for the fans". That...sounds a hell of a lot like pro wrestling, Mr. Fury. Tyson's comments have already led some to speculate that a WWE return is on the cards.


If so, it's highly unlikely that The Rock would agree to face him one-on-one. If Dwayne Johnson is going to launch a one-off comeback, it'll probably be for a match against Roman Reigns. It's hardly like Rocky needs a pay day anyway.

Other celebs Fury name-dropped include Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and even Frank Bruno. Tyson vs. Fury does sound like the kind of thing promoters worldwide would be interested in, to be fair.


Good luck to Fury on convincing The Rock to lace up some gloves though!

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