The Ultimate Warrior: 10 Most Shocking Controversies

The death of Ultimate Warrior aged 54 had been greeted with touching tributes from the WWE universe, but it would be wrong to paper over the more controversial legacies he left behind. Warrior himself would no doubt want to be painted 'warts and all', he openly talked about his own steroid abuse and was the first to comment scathingly on the deaths of other wrestlers. He "mocked self-destructive wrestlers for their early deaths" according to Dave Meltzer's excellently detailed obituary in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter last week. Meltzer has backed up the point that the media coverage and reaction to Warrior's death has not told the full story. The timing of the passing has created a bubble of perception that only his good points should be covered. Fair enough, having seen him so involved with the Hall of Fame and WrestleMania 30, it's difficult to articulate Warrior's level of controversies given the overwhelmingly positive end to his career. However, soft-balling these issues is a disservice to reality, it's weak reporting to not cover the major incidents Warrior got involved in. Having already covered Warrior's lasting positive legacies, this latest feature will look at his 10 biggest controversies. These issues range from the unsavoury to the disturbing, but ultimately, they contributed to who he was as a person and his history on this earth. He was in many ways one of the most controversial WWF stars ever to lace up a pair of boots. Thankfully his 2014 reconciliation with the WWE righted a lot of wrongs, but here are the 10 controversies that Warrior went through along the way...
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