The Ultimate Warrior: 10 Most Shocking Controversies

9. Heat With The Locker Room

The modern day WWE locker room stood on stage this Monday night at Raw to give the Ultimate Warrior a minute silence and applause. Many of these talents grew up watching Warrior, some got into the business solely based off wanting to be like him. For the older generation though, Warrior wasn't always an easy man to like. Triple H himself called the star an "***hole" in the Self Destruction Of Ultimate Warrior DVD. How did Warrior respond at the time? This is what he had to say about Hunter - "You train like a t**t and rely most on your 'sports supplements.'" Ted DiBiase best sums up the feeling about Ultimate Warrior's ego and selfishness, "My biggest problem with Jim Hellwig is his lack of respect for our business because he's not shown that to anybody. "Warrior was never a great wrestler; he was a good character. Yes, he had a lot of charisma. But, unless he had someone in the ring, like me, or any number of other guys who could work, to lead him, he couldn't work." If DiBiase was fully allowed to let loose on his opinion, it might have been much worse, but he knew the Warrior was bound for the Hall of Fame. On the subject of Warrior coming back, DiBiase said this "Knowing his history, it's kind of like he came in and used the business and everybody else in it." It's representative of what many of Warrior's 80's / 90's colleagues felt.
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