The Ultimate Warrior: 10 Most Shocking Controversies

3. Women

Warrior had several relationships with women, particularly strippers. The controversy in this point comes in the fact that Warrior called fellow industry wrestler Brian Pillman's home in an attempt to sleep with his wife. The story stems from the fact that Warrior dated a woman named Melanie in the 1980's, an affair he was having while his first marriage to high end stripper Shari Tyree was on the rocks. Melanie was also stripper, but the relationship never went anywhere, she ended up meeting Brian Pillman and marrying him instead. That didn't stop Warrior wanting more. Years later he called the Pillman residence and tried to get Melanie to come back to him. The Wrestling Observer reports that Brian hated Warrior ever since. Tragically Pillman himself died in 1997. Warrior ended up meeting current wife Dana and marrying the beauty in 1999.
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