Umaga Once Played A Hilarious Rib On Drew McIntyre

That's one sweaty young Scotsman.

Umaga Backlash 2006

22-year old Drew McIntyre was not going to f*ck with Umaga.

On Corey Graves' 'After The Bell' podcast, now 34-year old McIntyre laughed as he recalled a fun rib Umaga played on him towards the start of his WWE career. At the time, Drew was a bright-eyed young hopeful readying himself for a dark match with the Samoan star, and that meant he was ripe for ribbing.

According to McIntyre, The Usos were guests at WWE catering backstage (before they were signed), and Umaga told them he was going to have a laugh at Drew's expense. Whenever the youngster tried to find his more-established peer to go over that evening's match, Umaga would purposefully avoid him.


Drew was sweating buckets, and The Usos found it hilarious. They were in on the prank.

Finally, 20 minutes before bell time, Umaga found a flustered Drew, told him what they'd be doing that evening and McIntyre learned that the tattooed menace was actually really easy to work with.


Poor Drew had been walking about backstage all day thinking he had done something to tick Umaga off. He thought he was going to get a kicking.


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