The Undertaker Possibly Retired As WWE Plan Sting Vs Triple H At WrestleMania 31

The long planned Sting Vs The Undertaker match isn't happening.

WWE are no longer planning to promote Sting Vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. Wrestling Observer Radio has discussed WWE's direction, stating that Survivor Series' climax established Sting Vs Triple H for WrestleMania 31. The idea is that Triple H can carry Sting to a good match. This likely means retirement for The Undertaker. If he was fit to wrestle at WrestleMania, then Sting Vs Undertaker is what WWE would be building towards. It looks like time and chronic pain have defeated WWE's legendary Deadman. The company could not risk putting a 55 year old Sting in the ring with a physically declined 49 year old Undertaker. As iconic as the marquee would be, it would ultimately be a stinker of a match. The veteran Triple H in contrast will be able to make Sting look magnificent. The part time Hunter is still fit and healthy, he's young enough and experienced enough to carry Sting to a quality bout. The WCW Icon needs that degree of help, because he's about twenty years removed from his wrestling peak. Still, as exciting as Sting vs Triple H is, it's hard not be disappointed at the apparent loss of the Sting vs Undertaker dream match. It's even sadder to think that we've probably seen the last of The Undertaker in a WWE ring. In all likelihood, you'd have to guess that The Undertaker is done. The direction is moving toward Hunter and Sting, which is still a case of WCW Icon vs WWF Legend. There's also a much better face vs heel dynamic, so maybe everything has ultimately worked out for the best.
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