Update On "Jacked" Becky Lynch Being Backstage At WWE SmackDown

Becky Lynch was backstage on SmackDown - WWE return for "jacked" star imminent?

Becky Lynch Gym 2021

Fightful Select are reporting that Becky Lynch was backstage for Friday's episode of SmackDown. The soon-to-be comeback queen also spent time at WWE's Performance Center through the week.

Site sources told Fightful that Lynch looked "jacked" and "like she'd never left". Becky watched some of the training matches happening at the PC, then did some in-ring training herself. It's only a matter of time before she steps back in the ring on TV too.

SummerSlam, perhaps?


Becky only gave birth to her (and Seth Rollins') daughter Roux last December. Recent pics on social media suggest that Lynch has bounced back from pregnancy - she looks ring-ready, which is a real credit to her hard work and dedication.

'The Man' obviously didn't appear on SmackDown, but she was there to take the show in. It's actually unclear exactly which brand WWE would put Becky on when she does return. She vacated the Raw Women's Title last year, so they might fancy going back to that story.


If not, then she'd boss the SmackDown Women's Title scene immediately and could have fine matches against Sasha Banks, Bayley, Bianca Belair and others.

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